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Neighbor's Place

Come feel at home.

 229 E Marceau Street, St. Louis, MO 63111


About Us

We've got the right vibes.

At The Neighbors Place, we want you to feel at home. We have something here for everyone. Three different floors. Three different vibes. Wanna dine in on the first floor? DONE. Wanna play pool, drink, or mingle on the second floor? DONE. Wanna let out your inner child and play video games and eat ice cream on the top floor? DONE. Wanna be outside instead? DONE. Decks on decks on decks. Come and see us for good food and good fun!

Pepperoni Slice


Check out our drinks, food, and brunch menus!


We have the drinks you want. And the ones you need. Just ask our bartender!

Beer Bottles
Game Console


Video Games & Board Games

We have video games on the third floor accompanied with gaming chairs and 6 beautifully mounted TVs to enhance your gaming experience. If video games aren't your thing, we also have board games. One of the greatest selection you'll ever see! Come on down & check us out!

Come Down & Grab a Bite & a Drink!

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